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The Gospel of Loki - Joanne Harris This is the latest of several books I've read with my daughter (aged 13), so I'm going to review it from that perspective.

First off, she loved Loki! Well, I did too, of course, but I've been around a bit and I've met bad boys before. I was impressed with the way Joanne Harris created him: his voice, the way his character comes out in his self-justifications, his criticisms of others and even his sensual enjoyment of a world he was never originally meant to live in. Incidentally, for those who are wondering, the content of this basically adult novel was pitched just right for someone at my daughter's development stage, which is: willing to entertain the fact that sex happens, but undesirous of hearing too many details. Also, luuurrve is much, much yuckier even than sex - on that subject she was in total agreement with Loki and enjoyed the consistent validation he gave to her opinion.

Meanwhile, I was pleased... well, over the moon really, to see her getting her fix of Norse mythology from a book that stuck pretty closely to the original plot-line and I enjoyed reading it all over again myself.

The single, solitary thing I didn't enjoy about reading this book wasn't the fault of the book at all. It was due to our lovely system of collective education which somehow manages to keep children so busy doing something that they hardly have time to read. Because of this, it took us weeks to get through this book - literally from the end of August to early January!! I would certainly have gobbled it down in a couple of readings, but the one thing I will say is that neither of us got bored, neither of us gave up, and we both leaped at the chance of picking it up again whenever possible. And on the other hand, I didn't cave in and finish it while she wasn't looking. That kind of tells you where the book stands on addictiveness level.

Oh, and the ending, literally the last few words, is really cool, but I'm not giving any spoilers on that one.