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Memory Palace - Hari  Kunzru Well, for a start, Hari Kunzru has been on my mental to-read list for ages and it wasn't until I joined Goodreads that I put two and two together and realized he was also responsible for Memory Palace. I was one of the people who saw the original Victoria & Albert 'currated novel'. That was a fantastic experience - imagine - reading a book as spectacle, a bit like going to the theatre of the cinema! When I first got the book though, I was a bit disappointed. I thought, for some reason, it would contain more than the show, rather than being just being a souvenir.

I was interested to see how the 'souvenir' would stand up, a bit less than a year later. Pretty well, I would say. The story is interesting, touching, thought-provoking, poignant to all of us, I think, and for Londoners, especially so.