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The Wee Free Men

The Wee Free Men - Terry Pratchett I love the Tiffany Aching books but I think my 4th reading of this was perhaps just that one time too many. I'd rather give my twelve year old's opinion on her 2nd reading. It's for her age group after all.

The first reading when she was 8 was aborted because she found it too scary. Nothing of the sort anymore. It's funny the sorts of things they put in books for girls her age compared to what she actually likes.

What she likes is a bunch of outrageously bad-ass (but not evil) boys wrapped around the little finger of a character she identifies with all having proper adventures. A character she identifies with would the kind of no-nonsense girl who has no truck with pink, pretty, prim, popular and all that kind of stuff. No romance, no soppiness. The wee free men were right up her street, as was Tiffany.